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Sometimes it’s the haystack you need to find, not the needle

What We Do

Often, when our clients identify challenges that they need help with, we discover other issues or problems that need to be resolved first. Understanding and then deconstructing the whole situation before helping to build a solution is a critical part of our approach.

Whatever the challenge and whoever the client, our aim is the same:

  • to guide people from passive thinking to dynamic activity;
  • to equip people to work problems out for themselves and become more self-efficient;
  • to create a climate in which it’s safe to be experimental and creative;
  • to develop a language that’s shared between individuals, across teams and throughout organisations.

Ultimately, we can only measure our success on the results we deliver for our clients. We’ll let you be the judge of that...

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Change thinking, change learning, change working

How We Work

Our vision is a world in which people have the creative confidence to find their place in a team, achieving something together that’s bigger than they are.

So we help people to think differently and change the way they choose to work as individuals, as part of a team and as part of an organisation. That’s our mission and we fulfill it in three ways:

In everything we do, we combine the latest research with innovative creative strategies to solve problems, meet challenges and open doors for our clients and partners, leaving them better engaged, more creative and infinitely more productive.

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How we learn is just as important as what we learn

Who we are

NoTosh is a global consultancy with a passion for learning and a conviction that innovation and creativity can change the way people think, the way they learn and the way they work – as individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

NoTosh was established in 2009 to improve student engagement by challenging the status quo of teaching and learning in schools. But we quickly realised that our NoTosh Design Thinking process, like our students, had a valuable role to play in the wider world too. It was time to get out of the classroom!

Today we’re based in Scotland, Australia and the USA and we work with clients across the globe in sectors ranging from education and healthcare to industry, enterprise and heritage. Learning, and learning to think differently, sits at the heart of everything we do.

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Welcome to The Lab! No white coat required...

The Lab

As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it: “The mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.” So, the NoTosh Lab is exactly where to go to try out a little mind-stretching of your own.

Creating a climate in which it’s safe to be creative and experimental, where there’s no right and wrong, and where the ideas that don’t work are just as valid as the ideas that do, is critical to DESIGN THINKING. At NoTosh, we constantly seek out and test new ideas and we’ve pulled together a selection of the best ones, in the form of really useful tools and resources for you to play around with – with your colleagues, your teams, your staff or your students. They’re free for you to use and download and we just ask one thing… please let us know how you get on with them!

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We see a world in which individuals have the creative confidence to find their place in a team and achieve something together that’s bigger than they are.

That’s our vision. What’s yours?

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