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Creating commonality in a multifaceted company

Nurturing Talent Action Plan

TalkTalk had created a strategy that focused on nurturing and developing staff talent, but found themselves unsure how best to implement it and approached NoTosh for help and guidance.

In order to gain a better understanding of the existing staff, their motivations, desires and concerns, NoTosh ran an internal survey to investigate the roles and relationships within TalkTalk. It soon became clear that staff were struggling to communicate with each other effectively and often felt they were being left in the dark with regard to the development of the company. We began by introducing staff to a trial and error mindset - where failure should not be feared, but understood as a key phase in the journey to success - to help them build more effective working relationships.

Through this process, the Action Plan was created and we introduced a series of new learning and development opportunities for staff such as Learning at Work Week - an initiative that encourages staff to get out from behind their desk and collaborate with each other to develop their skills in action. TalkTalkUniversity was also launched with our help, creating opportunities for employees to develop their talents further by taking up both work and non-work related courses.

As a result of our work with TalkTalk, staff felt more valued and supported in their roles and, with the creation of greater opportunities to progress within the company, less likely to leave. Customer satisfaction began to rise, as staff were more motivated and better equipped to deal with new or challenging situations. The culture of the company changed dramatically, shifting to reflect their new vision of putting learning and development at the heart of their business.

TalkTalk continues to run annual Learning at Work Weeks across the company and actively encourages staff to progress and develop through regular TalkTalkUniversity modules and sessions.

“Working with NoTosh helped open my eyes to the science behind design thinking, clearing the clutter that exists in organisations, freeing me and my team up to go back to basics and create experiences for our employees.”

Jo Taylor, Director of Talent and Resourcing at TalkTalk (2011)
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