Emergency Management Victoria (EMV)

Melbourne, Australia, 2015

NoTosh Team

Hamish Curry, Tom Barrett

Putting strategy into emergency

Risk Management Strategy

The Emergency Services in Victoria were facing a new challenge as eight distinct services were brought together under one umbrella for the first time. Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) is the government body responsible for all emergency services across the state and wanted to negotiate a strong working relationship across the group, creating a rich management strategy which would provide an effective service for everyone.

NoTosh were appointed to help facilitate this shift and, over a two-day workshop, invited representatives from each service to take part in a number of challenging activities, including questioning their individual roles and the purpose of their service. The importance of creating an integrated EMV was richly illustrated by the number of real life call outs and emergencies that occurred throughout the duration of the workshops.

The creation of an evolving strategy, borne out of an exploration of the complexities of each emergency service and their relationship to one another, was driven by the continuous modelling of ideas using the NoTosh Design Thinking process.

As a result of the workshops, leaders from the emergency services, along with government officials, were able to take this evolving strategy back to their colleagues, resulting in a shared understanding emerging across the services.

The EMV continues to operate as an ambassador for positive change in the provision of essential emergency services across Victoria.

"The sessions with NoTosh were a very engaging and challenging couple of days. The workshops used the process of design thinking to discuss, define and develop our approaches to emergency risk. Most importantly, NoTosh helped us identify some of the challenges to effective risk management in the emergency sector and the steps we needed to take in order to get measurable outcomes for safer communities. From my perspective, I believe we achieved a significant step forwards, and that NoTosh ran one of the best sessions I have been to."

Lew Short, General Manager Risk, Consequence & Resilience, EMV
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